Understanding the Fawn Response

Following up to last week’s post, what is happening when you go along with what a medical provider (or anyone) says/wants/does even though you think/want/know differently? The short answer, the fight-or-flight (F/F) system activates. To get a broad overview, read my...

Why You Don’t Speak Up…The Tale of Two Pre-Op Nurses

A colleague and I were talking about the medical system and how we have found ourselves in the very situations we coach clients to advocate for themselves, and yet walked out of those situations simply going along with the situation rather than challenge the provider....

What is PMDD and why it should matter?

Due to the type of clients I specialize in working with, I tend to hear about issues caused by female sex hormones. Most of the time it is PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome), a topic I plan to dive into in a future post. But recently, PMDD was mentioned, and I wanted to...
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What is the fight-or-flight response?

The fight-or-flight-response is an automatic response that our bodies have to danger. It's what helps us to either confront the danger or run away from it. For the most part, this response is helpful and allows us to stay safe in dangerous situations. However,...

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Fight Or Flight
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Pelvic Floor and the Sexual Response Cycle

This post is part 3 of 3 by guest blogger Berrin Boyce, PT. You can read part 1, “What is the Pelvic Floor?” here and part 2, “Pelvic Floor and What Can Go Wrong” here. Sexual Response Cycle According to the Cleveland Clinic there are 4 distinct phases of the...

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