As marriage and family therapists and sex therapists, we are interested in mental health and relationships. But because we specialize in working with chronic health conditions, we are also interested in the physical side of health. Our blog covers a wide range of topics that reflect our interests and our clients’ lives. Read about sexual health, pelvic pain, systemic impacts, and much more in our blog!


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If there is one thing that research consistency shows improves mental health, it is meditations. But the biggest obstacle we see to clients meditating is how boring it is! So, we decided to create 10 Minutes of Self Care, a guided meditation with topics relevant to our clients. We want meditation to be interesting and easy! We will be covering topics ranging from emotional regulation, relationships (with ourselves and with others), sex, anxiety, and so much more!

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Beyond Therapy membership

(coming Spring 2024)

The Beyond Therapy membership is the result of spending countless hours trying to figure out a way to help people outside the therapy room. Whether it is people who aren’t quite ready to start therapy to existing clients who would love additional tools, Beyond Therapy is meant to reach people outside the therapy office and make resources more accessible.

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