Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT) and Emotional Triggers Treatment (ETT)

Jessica combines both RRT and ETT, bring the best of both treatments to be most effective for clients.Rapid Resolution Therapy is a new therapeutic treatment that has gained respect from therapists nationwide and agencies that work with trauma. Created by Dr. Connolly, PhD, RRT is a brief therapeutic therapy that can help clients free themselves from the weight of depression, anxiety, grief, guilt, shame, anger, and trauma.


Emotional Triggers Treatment was created by Catherine Warnock, LPC who has seen 90% of her clients reporting a positive impact. Catherine describes ETT as, “…a therapeutic method of helping an individual free themselves of the fight-or-flight reaction that occurs from unresolved trauma. When we experience something very disturbing that we are unable to fully process, an imprint about the event/memory is left behind in the brain. This imprint acts like trigger whenever something similar is brought into the mind’s active processing. When triggered, the fight-or-flight acute stress response is activated causing us to experience fear, anxiety, anger, guilt/shame, etc.”


Both RRT and ETT use Memory Reconciliation to focus on the emotional triggers that activate the mind’s fight-or-flight response. This response can make emotions feel intense, an over-reaction, or even out of control. Memory Reconciliation can help enable the brain to remember the traumatic event/memory without having to feel the negative feelings over and over.


Studies show that about 80% of clients report significant relief after two sessions of RRT and ETT, not requiring additional sessions. Though many clients return to address other issues or if new issues develop. We begin with a 1-1 ½ hour intake session, billed at the current rate of $140/hr, that may be covered by your insurance company. The actual RRT/ETT session will be approximately 2-2 ½ hours and is billed at $200/hr and is not covered by your insurance plan. Due to the nature of RRT/ETT, scheduling is in high demand and is limited.

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