5 + 1 Coping with Anxiety & Stress: Part 3, Sounds
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December 11, 2023

5 + 1 Coping with Anxiety & Stress: Part 3, Sounds


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If you haven’t already read the 5 + 1 Coping with Anxiety & Stress: Introduction to Glimmers, I would recommend you check that post out first to have context.

And to read more about visual glimmers, you can find our 2nd post in the series here.

I want you to take notes on ideas you have with each of these posts, so if you need to stop and open a note-taking app or grab a notebook, do that now.

Lavc58.18.100Now if you have your list of “sight” glimmers, some of them may also fall under your list of “auditory” glimmers.

Music is one of my favorite glimmers. Choose songs that bring a smile to your face, make you want to dance, bring up positive memories. Start a playlist with these songs and title it something that will remind you that these are part of your glimmer coping strategies. This makes it easier to find when you are stress or anxious. I don’t know if other streaming services are similar, but Spotify has a “smart shuffle” option that will include songs in the shuffle that are like the songs already in the playlist which helps to find more songs to add. Or, if you have some way to play them, bust out those old burned CDs you have in storage.

Auditory glimmers could also include things like audiobooks, ASMR YouTube clips, podcasts, or even shows. One of my go-to shows is conveniently titled “Stress Relief, parts 1& 2” episodes of The Office. For those of you who know The Office these are the episodes that include Dwight’s fire drill and the team’s Red Cross CPR training.

And auditory glimmers don’t even have to include sounds; an auditory glimmer can also be silence. As someone who struggles with Dreamstime 27602932sensory processing issues, I often seek silence. Spending my lunch hour eating in my car, warmed by the sun, in absolute silence brings me joy. Or being out in nature, where there are nature sounds, but no talking, no car sounds, can be very relaxing.

What would be on your auditory glimmers list? Check out the 10 minutes of Self Care auditory glimmer meditation!

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