5 + 1 Coping with Anxiety & Stress: Part 2, Sight
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November 20, 2023

5 + 1 Coping with Anxiety & Stress: Part 2, Sight

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If you haven’t already read the 5 + 1 Coping with Anxiety & Stress: Introduction to Glimmers, I would recommend you check that post out first to have context.

Now that you know what a glimmer feels like, let’s start expanding your coping toolbox. In this post, we are going to focus on glimmers that we can experience with our eyes. If you pulled up a picture of baby animals during the Introduction post, you already have a head start.

I want you to take notes on ideas you have with each of these posts, so if you need to stop and open a note-taking app or grab a notebook, do that now.

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What images bring you that positive, warm feeling? I encourage you to start with photos you may already have saved on your phone. Maybe create a new folder in your photos app that you can save the photos too, so you have quick and easy access when you are feeling stress, anxious, overwhelmed, or irritable. Yes, irritability or grumpy is often another symptom of stress or anxiety.

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Are there social media accounts that bring glimmers. Going back to the baby animal theme, from the Introduction post, maybe there are rescue groups or cat videos accounts you can follow. And it doesn’t simply have to be pictures or images, but perhaps there are accounts that focus on funny memes or a Buzzfeed list of funniest tweets.

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And then there are real life visuals that bring that positive feeling. Maybe it is sunrises or sunsets. Maybe it is watching your partner or your kids having fun or doing something they are good at. Maybe it is just watching your pet be relaxed in your presence.

Start a list of your visual glimmers and check out the visual glimmers 10 minutes of Self Care meditation here!

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