Areas of Growth Counseling

Areas of Growth Counseling is a group of clinicians who specialize in working with individuals, couples, and families, including specialized training focusing on relationships.

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Pelvic Pain

Areas of Growth Counseling specializes in working with all genders around pelvic pain and pelvic floor dysfunction and can work alongside your medical team to ensure an integrative approach. We have worked with clients who have experienced pelvic due to endometriosis, fibroids, bladder inflammation, vaginismus, vulvodynia, nerve pain, complications due to surgery, and many more. We know it can be a struggle to find mental health therapists who understand these issues and we not only understand but have seen it before time and time again. See more information below about our group for women called Living and Loving with Pelvic Pain.


Areas of Growth Counseling clinicians also love working with individuals! Life can throw us all challenges, leaving us struggling with worry, irritability, anxiety, depression, and trauma. And sometimes, we are faced with feeling overworked, burnt out, overwhelmed, or wanting something different. Therapy is a great way for individuals to work towards living more fulfilled lives, learning and leveraging healthy coping strategies, understanding and regulating emotions, and exploring past and current relationship patterns. We work with individuals from adolescents to seniors.


Relationships & Families

Areas of Growth Counseling clinicians work with couples and families of all ages who want to strengthen their relationships, address parenting struggles, move beyond past hurts, and many other topics. Couples and families often report they can have fun together and enjoy each other’s company and conversation, but struggle communicating around the hard topics, seemingly to fight about the same topics over and over. Areas of Growth Counseling’s clinicians elect to receive additional training specifically in couples and families making them skilled in working with relationships.

“Chaos is rejecting all you have learned, chaos is being yourself.”
~Emile M. Cioran

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